Tackle ‘New Disruptions’ in market research with Gojek

One of our most anticipated virtual events, the MRMW Virtual Summit 2022 will be gathering researchers from across Europe and Asia Pacific on July 6-7. Speakers from global brands will share the latest trends and developments with the market research community. In preparation for the event, we had the chance to interview Indah Putri, VP of Research at Gojek about her core message. Indah will discuss new disruptions that will shape consumer sentiments and trends. She will also share her thoughts on whether European and APAC economies are prepared to embrace these disruptions.

MRMW Virtual: Could you tell us a little bit about the panel discussion you would be a part of? Why you think it’s important to discuss these areas?

Indah Putri: ‘New Disruptions’ in market research – I believe right now we’re living through and witnessing the turn of the century. What was inconceivable 10 years ago is all now happening right before our eyes. As researchers, we have to be agile in detecting these disruptions earlier rather than later. We have to move beyond researching about the present and the past, and equip ourselves to be ready to look through the lens of the future. So to look for the possible scenarios of tomorrow. It can be really uncomfortable discussing possibilities without much certainty. However, it could very much be the needed formula for companies to be resilient, sustain itself, and even strive.

MRMW Virtual: What are the current challenges the industry faces and how do you think we can overcome some of them?

Indah Putri: Research can be a very costly expenditure for companies. Whether it’s costly or not boils down to the very early stage of a research process – the planning of research. The most successful in-house researchers I have seen have the skills to elevate, funnel, adjoin a single question that comes from their stakeholder. As a result, they can map out who would benefit from a single research. The beneficiaries can move well beyond the direct stakeholders that were requesting the study in the first place. We need to double down on our effort to make sure that organisations get the most return of their research investment. And that starts with equipping our researchers with the skills to facilitate this process.

The same logic goes with research service providers – some of the best that I’ve worked with made the following key investment: building knowledge from their previous projects with each client – their style of work and cadence, the depth of insights that they’re looking for, and their preferred style of narratives. This has really helped position these providers to become true partners for their clients.

MRMW Virtual: As the VP of research, how do you see the convergence of Market Research, CX & UX and what role does it play?

Indah Putri: Connected to my point earlier, a product cannot fill its fullest potential without planning and marketing. Similarly, marketing would have nothing to meaningfully sell without a product that delivers values needed by the customers. The way I see it, it is in the interest of all parts of the companies that they get the same access to insights as each other. Hence, I’m a believer that Research as a whole cannot be put under a non-Research team. It needs to stand on its own to maintain its neutrality, and is equally accessible to all parts of the company.

MRMW Virtual: How do you see new technologies like AR/VR, AI and the Metaverse having an impact on user research?

Indah Putri: I still see a lot of value in doing research by meeting our respondents in person. I feel it is still the only way that we can pick up physical cues that we would miss in doing research through virtual realities. However, I think we have to leverage these technologies to enable a wider research. Listen more to people who we otherwise wouldn’t have easy access to.

MRMW Virtual: What are your thoughts on the future of market research & insights?

Indah Putri: Research & insights have to work closely with data and experimentation to unlock its next potential. Both sides have to understand each other to really make use of the values that can be leveraged. To me, insights and data can help guide and set the right room for experimentation to play in. And data and experimentation are the right tools to help traditional research offset some of its methods’ weaknesses (claim-based, attitude-based, snapshots). Companies that are successful in realising this collaboration would definitely earn an advantage over their competitions.

MRMW Virtual: What motivates you to join MRMW Virtual Summit and what are your expectations?

Indah Putri: MRMW so far has been a great forum for me to learn about the state of the industry, and gain inspiration on where we have to go in the future. I’m hoping whatever I share will be of the same resource for other industry players.

Do you want to hear about the latest innovations, trends, and techniques in market research? Join Indah Putri alongside speakers from GoogleTikTok, ReckittLEGOMicrosoftHPMondelezDanoneHSBCLinkedinMars Wrigley, Allianz and many more top-of-the-line companies at MRMW Virtual Summit 2022.

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