Social Media Listening, More Than a Listening Tool

Consumers express their desires, opinions and frustrations online.  But somehow brands are still experimenting with the methods from a decade ago and ignoring the amazing possibilities brought to us by big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Social media listening is one of those remarkable tools to discover customers’ concerns or interests,  and to better engage with them.

We recently spoke to Amanda Melissa, Chief Consumer Officer at L’Oréal about her upcoming presentation: “Social (media) listening – Reaching the right people at the right time with the right content” which she will share during MRMW APAC 2019 in Singapore next February. Amanda feels that consumers are shifting in terms of knowledge, awareness, and behaviour. Many traditional ways used to understand consumers are becoming obsolete, as consumers are more dynamic and digital is no longer a “by the way” – it is here and now. With consumers leaving wide footprints online, social media is now the “gold mine” for insights.  The question now is, how do you listen and find all those insights? Where do you start?

Amanda will discuss best practices for social listening and what needs to kept in mind when carrying out social media listening.  She will also share real cases from L’Oréal.

Amanda feels that social media listening is key, particularly in Southeast Asia when not many researchers are focusing on social media listening and the traditional ways of doing research are now almost obsolete. Her hope is to inspire by sharing her story on social media research and motivate other researchers to come up with new ways of mining insights.

Amanda feels that there is a need to get together and share what we know about the new consumers shifts and to join forces in figuring out the new “normal”. She hopes that MRMW APAC can be the catalyst, if not the facilitator for this. In order to achieve this, Amanda recommends that researchers remain open-minded – always accept that there is no perfect solutions for all problems. Even in the state of big shift  you have to allow experimentations, to keep learning and improve. Do not wait for the best “approach” to come to you.

Amanda looks forward to connecting with new people, and also learn on what are the new innovations and ideas at MRMW APAC alongside Spotify, Traveloka, Formula 1, FrieslandCampina, Go-Jek and many more! For more information on MRMW APAC, visit

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