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Global brands will be gathering at the MRMW North America 2022 conference on June 15-16 in Atlanta. Our speakers will share the latest trends and developments with the market research community through thought leadership presentations and case studies. This week, we had the chance to interview Amanda Rosenburg, Product Team Lead & Head of Research at Google Classroom, Google for her upcoming presentation. Over the last decade, Amanda has impacted influential companies in children’s programming, education and tech by informing strategy & direction to pioneer new ways to educate kids in the digital age. Her job is to ensure Google products are well conceived so they integrate 100 percent into the classroom and add to the teaching and learning experience. At MRMW 2022, Amanda will share her experience in storytelling with data to motivate stakeholders and effectively communicate with non-researchers.

MRMW: To start off, what is the core message of your talk and what would you like delegates to remember?

Amanda: Understanding people is the foundation to storytelling. Some of the best storytellers are researchers. To get stakeholders to really buy-in to your findings, you need a way to tell stories that resonate.

MRMW: Why did you choose the topic of your talk?

Amanda: I love telling stories with data. I like to think of myself as the stakeholder whisperer, crafting beautiful heroes journeys through my data. Firstly, I have never met a researcher who is taught how to write up their research to meet the needs of stakeholders. In addition, we are taught how to write academic articles. However, I have never met a stakeholder that has ever referred to an academic article as insightful or directional. As such, I hope that my insights will empower researchers to harness their own storytelling potential.

MRMW: What motivates you to join MRMW NA 2022 and what are your expectations?

Amanda: The brilliant minds that attend. After two years of isolation, I am super excited to network with others who share my passion.

MRMW: Lastly, what do you foresee in the future of MR/Insights? What do you want/like to see?

Amanda: I want to see researchers and non-researchers come together with a shared value for insights. I hope that non-researchers truly understand that we can create the most amazing products and experiences if we can see past numbers and truly understand the people we are building for.

MRMW: Amanda, thank you very much! We look forward to your presentation at MRMW 2022 in Atlanta!

Do you want to hear about the latest innovations, trends, and techniques in market research? Join Amanda Rosenburg and speakers from PepsiCo, Warner MediaeBayCoca- Cola, Twitter, Meta, Whatsapp, VisaMicrosoftMarsJohnson & Johnson and many more top-of-the-line companies at MRMW North America 2022.

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