PepsiCo’s journey to build an insights organization of the future

Recently, I interviewed Madhumita Chakraborty, Associate Director Consumer Insights at PepsiCo, to speak about her session at MRMW Europe 2018 in Stockholm and to get her client-side perspective on the state of the Insights industry. At the conference, Madhumita will be revealing her learnings from PepsiCo’s journey to build an insights organization of the future.

In today’s digitally disrupted world, no matter what industry, we as Insights and Marketing professionals all agree that organizational structures must become leaner to leverage a digital eco-system. While digital has been seen as a threat to the Insights industry for a long time, Madhumita and I discussed that the opposite is the case.

It is a great opportunity especially for young – and usually more tech-savvy – Insights professionals to have a direct impact on top management decision making. Working on Insights Transformation Projects across the globe, Madhumita confirms that leadership teams are intensively looking for support to evaluate and choose the right tools to integrate various sources of relevant digitally available data. Hence, Insights professionals increasingly have a seat at the table to influence a high-level audience. We need to change our ways of working in order to influence a wider group of stakeholders”.

Particularly for non-tech companies, there are a lot of big questions to be answered when it comes to deciding which tools to adapt given the pace of technological advancements. As the way data is collected, processed, and disseminated is changing faster than ever, what is the best way to adapt and leapfrog? What is needed to build a well-connected digital ecosystem to merge multi-sourced data coming from different digital partners? How to upskill teams to ensure everyone speaks the same language when aligning the objectives, success criteria, and steps of the digital transformation?

With her showcase at MRMW, Madhumita will share her learnings aiming to encourage the delegates to learn by doing while being transparent about the risks. As an acclaimed speaker at Insights and Marketing forums across the world, Madhumita finds the MRMW is keeping with the times due to its tech-focus. “While many market research conferences are around long-standing research topics, it is encouraging to see that research is going techy!” We are both very excited to see the most up-to-date case studies and latest methodologies to leverage AI and are looking forward to having great discussions about digital ways of working. The anticipation is rising!

Irene Kowalenko

Irene Kowalenko

Irene is a forward-looking Research professional with international background and diversified experience across industries and disciplines. She holds a MSc in Business specialized in Marketing and Research. In her latest role in P&G’s Insights & Analytics team, she designed and led qualitative & quantitative projects to integrate consumer and market insights into innovation strategies, marketing initiatives, and go-to-market actions to drive profitable and sustainable growth. She is passionate about and interested in exchanging on how to maximize research effectiveness and efficiency through innovative research methods and new technologies to generate actionable insights, inspire creative problem solving, and bring to life consumer-led innovations.

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