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Call for Papers: MRMW Europe 2014

The European edition of Market Research in the Mobile World will take place September 23-26, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Building on the continued success for the only global conference series focusing on online and mobile marketing research, MRMW will feature world class speakers, cutting edge discussions and a review of the latest tools and technologies available.

In 2014, MRMW Europe will return to Berlin where the first MRMW conference was held in 2010. We will take a look at the key trends for mobile research in Europe and how insight gathered using new mobile techniques and wearable devices are having an impact on the bottom-line of businesses. Not to forget that mobile operators and technology companies are also becoming part of the ecosystem.

Speakers at MRMW will include top marketing researchers from multinational companies, international think tanks and the world’s most innovative research agencies. We are inviting you to submit innovative case studies in the area of mobile marketing research.

Key topics for 2014 include:
- The rise of life-tracking apps and sensors on any devices
- Leveraging 'internet of things' for marketing research
- Measuring emotions, moods and subconscious decisions
- Geofencing and how it can target customers
- Evolutions in mobile and online research design
- Consumer engagement in multichannel environments
- Augmented reality and its application on mobile research
- Data collection and analysis on the cloud
- Research on research: mobile versus traditional research
- Gathering rich insight through integrating active and passive data
- Latest regulatory updates on data protection and privacy
- Doing research using wearables such as Google Glass, Smart Contact Lens etc...

Important points for a successful submission:
Submissions must be based on actual work carried out or underway
- Forward looking statements should be based on actual market data, industry insight and personal experience
- Co-presentation with clients is highly encouraged
- DO NOT present your company's services and capabilities, this will be deemed as a sales pitch
- Presentations should be based on real case studies and any examples given must relate to actual work carried out for or with a client
- Be specific, highlight an individual methodology, technology or project
- Share learnings from mistakes made and difficulties encountered, some of the best learning comes from realising what went wrong
- Highlight the differentiators and what makes your case unique
- Strictly no sales pitches

All submissions will be reviewed by our advisory board and the selected speakers will be invited to present their papers based on the advisory board’s recommendation. Please note that absolutely no sales presentations will be accepted at the conference and the organizer reserves the right to withdraw your submission should the final presentation be a commercial pitch.

To submit your synopsis, download this form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   The call for papers is open until April 18th. Successful applicants will be informed by May 6th.
For sponsorship enquiries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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  • The MRMW conference has been fantastic! I get to share my ideas with the greatest minds in marketing research!
    Adrian Tan - The Nielsen Company

  • I’ve been to many conferences before, I must say, this is the best one! Great time management, highly engaged audience and perfect event handling!
    Ananda Putri - Adidas

  • The MRMW event has included some truely enlightening speakers. Attending it would certainly be a good investment of time in this diary-pressured world.
    Scott Dodgson - SKOPOS

  • "MRMW has established itself as the premiere gathering of minds in mobile research. The event offered our team a great opportunity to collaborate with the mobile research industry leaders."
    Dan Weber - itracks

  • It was amazing to be at MRMW Europe, I learned a lot and hopefully I’ve made valuable contributions for the event as well.
    Rebecca Braak - KLM

  • The MRMW conference is a source of providing incredible energy, ideas and action in Mobile Market research. Every time I return from MRMW, I'm guaranteed to come back with at least one new idea, one new tool, and one new supplier relationship. The benchmark set by each MRMW conference establishes a high standard for everyone associated with mobile market research.
    Jasmeet Sethi - Ericsson

  • Whether it's cutting edge research methodologies or new technology-enabled insights, MRMW helps you keep pace with the state of the art and, more importantly, connect with those who will be defining the state of the art in the years to come.
    Tico Blumenthal - Medtronic