Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda: Minneapolis 2013

Preliminary Agenda* - subject to changes.
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July 16th - Pre-Conference Workshop
Organized by Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA)
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Opening Remarks by Mark Michelson, Executive Director, MMRA
Hands-on Mobile QUANT Session
Conducting mobile quant project successfully from A to Z
The buzz in marketing research today is all about mobile. And using mobile tools to quantify respondent insights has great appeal. But when is it right to use mobile technology to gather data? How is collecting quantifiable data different when using mobile tools? What constitutes a great mobile survey? When engaging in a mobile survey, what factors drive a successful outcome? What can a mobile survey tell you, and what can it not? What are the best situations for each type of mobile survey tool?
Come to the MMRA workshop on Conducting Mobile Quant Projects Successfully to explore these and other important issues in the design, execution, and outcomes of mobile surveys. The workshop will begin with an overview of mobile quantitative solutions, move on to a more insightful discussion on the difference between surveys taken through mobile internet and mobile apps, include an analysis of the relative value of various survey features, review the barriers and other considerations when conducting mobile quant, and overview the differences between mobile quant vs. mobile qual solutions and applications.
Participants will also engage in a hands-on mobile survey design opportunity, based sample client requests for information, with the added touch of background recordings of great rock bands singing about having to make easy and hard choices.
Rebecca West, VP Marketing Research Services, Civicom
Annie McDannald, Senior Account Manager and Project Advocate, Civicom
Networking Break
ESOMAR-MMRA Professional Standards for Mobile Research
Key Requirements for Mobile Research and Committments to Participants
Mark Michelson, Executive Director, MMRA

Reg Baker, Consultant to ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee, ESOMAR
Lunch Break
Hands-on Mobile QUAL Session
Engaging Participants in Mobile Qualitative by itracks
• Gain first-hand experience (as a Moderator/Participant/Observer) using a mobile qualitative app in a live setting – testing actual products
• Promote participant engagement and support multitasking respondents
• Examples of IHUT, diary/journal exercises, ethnography and shop-along studies
Facilitated by: Dan Weber, Chief Executive Officer, itracks
Gilles Gauthier, VP Product Development, itracks
Joel Schmaltz, VP Business Development, itracks
Networking Break
Brainstorming Session
Co-creating a mobile platform that can deliver actionable insights & advertising opportunities to global brand 
IMRAN.TV is a global media organization that owns, creates, and distributes TV, radio, print, online and movies to worldwide audiences. Increasingly global, mobile, wireless and socially connected consumers have fickle tastes, short attention spans but spending ability for brands or content & related services/merchandise they love.
The firm seeks new ways to leverage existing market research with power of mobile, big data and cloud computing to quickly identify micro and macro trends for programming decisions, deliver rapidly tailored multi platform advertising opportunities to global brands, & glean decision-able actionable insights to maximize building audience loyalty and cross promote programming and content.
Facilitated by Imran Anwar, Director Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, Strategy Consulting, Microsoft
Closing Remarks and end of Pre-Conference Workshop
July 17th - MRMW Conference Day 1
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Conference Opening by Chairperson
Mary Evans Kasala, Core Faculty-Research Methods Lead, Scientific Merit Reviewer, School of Business and Technology, Capella University
Keynote 1
Establishing Mobile as Integral Part of Corporate Market Research
• Outlining how General Mills is leveraging mobile as key research strategy
• Translating insights from mobile research into business decisions
• Demonstrating that mobile can deliver what traditional research cannot
• Filling the gaps – methodology and technology third party support requirements
Jeanine Bassett, Vice President Global Consumer Insights, General Mills
Keynote 2
Supporting the industry’s change towards mobile marketing research – trends, challenges and opportunities
Guy Rolfe, Global Mobile Practice Leader, Kantar Mobile
Keynote 3
Using in-app surveys to measure consumer satisfaction levels
• Ongoing customer experience measurement programs across EA live services games
• Using data to drive continuous improvement for players
• Developing an accurate picture of consumers and the game experiences they want
Lisa Spano, Head of Consumer Insights, EA Social & Mobile Publishing
Tina Tseng, Consumer Insights, EA
Networking Break
Strategy Session
Integrating multi-channel research for strategic decision making 
• Managing design, collectionand analysis across multiple data sources
• Organizational strategies to promote integration success
• Overcoming barriers
Shawna Thayer, VP, Consumer Insights and Strategy, Supervalu
Annemarie Christensen, Director Customer Strategy & Experience, Supervalu
Mobile Survey Data: Validation, quality and when it holds an advantage over other modes 
Market researchers have rightly focused on developing best practices and guidelines to conduct research on mobile platforms. However, the area of validating data collected from mobile surveys and considering it as a means to evaluate data quality has been unexplored.
• Capturing rich media together with geographic coordinates to validate data
• Leveraging mobile survey technology to streamline validation processes
• A case study of 600 respondents from mobile and online environments
Lisa Wilding-Brown, VP, Panel Operations, uSamp
Robert Clancy, VP Insights and Strategy, uSamp
Following Customer’s Media Touchpoints Through Long Term Mobile Surveys
• Making a repetitive mobile study more engaging for respondents
• Examining how people use media differently at different times of the day and how these findings can lead to more effective media plans
• Discussing two “Touchpoints” case studies for male and female respondents
Debbie Solomon, Managing Director Business Planning, MindShare
The Long & Short Survey: Using split-design surveys to gather long insights in a short time 
Although apps and other mobile web tools can provide an enriched experience to participants in mobile marketing or social research, many researchers are hesitant to conduct longer surveys among mobile users, knowing that the experience is daunting at best, and at times, impossible to complete. Working with the User Experience Design Team at Sprint, Advanis will share the results of two research experiments conducted to identify the most effective split-questionnaire design to engage mobile consumers.
• Engaging respondents on mobile, over time, with higher participation rates
• Using the analytical techniques of data fusion to effectively field a longer survey, allowing for an in depth analysis of a research topic, with minimal participant burden.  
Lori Reiser, Principal Consultant, Advanis
Justin Yurkovich, User Experience Design Team, Sprint
Call to Action
How large is mobile MR? How fast is it growing?
INSIDE RESEARCH ranks the world’s largest MR firms via the Honomichl Global Top 25 for and creates several MR spending indexes, including online MR for the past 15 years. IR proposes to size, track and forecast Mobile MR spending in its various forms and segments that would serve as a planning and strategy tool for providers. It’s Editor & Publisher Larry Gold will describe the value of this to the Mobile MR industry as well as propose how this can be accomplished with the help of MRMW attendees.
Panel Discussion
Setting standards and guidelines for a new era of data collection and usage 
• Evaluating access, control and ownership of (passive) data
• Assessing the challenges brought by the increased availability – and use – of data
• Ensuring self-regulation that works: what does the industry need to do to stay ahead and ensure best practices
Moderated by Mark Michelson, Executive Director, Mobile Marketing Research Association
Reg Baker, Consultant to ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee, ESOMAR
Scott Weinberg, President MN / Upper Midwest Chapter, MRA
Sandy Janzen, Past President, MRIA
Diana Lucaci, Canadian Chair, NMSBA
Chris St. Hilaire, CEO, MFour Mobile Research
Lunch Break
Strategy Session
Mobile value exchange: How incentivization changes mobile behavior
• Explaining how incentivization changes mobile behavior
• Identifying benefits (and potential challenges) of value-based exchange
• Understanding how to execute advertising to best engage audiences
Joline Mc Goldrick, Research Director, Dynamic Logic
Jayne Dow, Director, Firefly Millward Brown
Deborah Powsner, Senior Director Marketing , SessionM
Building mobile surveys from the ground up: Dealing with missing data from modular surveys 
• Will mobile respondents take 25 minutes surveys?
• Do respondents enjoy the modularized survey environment more?
• Can data imputation or respondent matching create a data set that will standup to advanced analytics?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of each methodof dealing with missing data?
• How can researchers conduct their own respondent matching or data imputation for missing data as opposed to simple mean imputation?
Edward Paul Johnson, Director of Analytics ,SSI
Christi Walters, Principal, Gongos
Mobile Shoppers: In-store smartphone use in context
This presentation will explore findings from a study combining both mobile exit surveys and passive behavioral data collected on grocery shoppers’ phones while they were in store. By connecting attitudinal, demographic, passive behavioral, and survey data, we can glean who is doing what while shopping - and even why.
• Finding out what kind of apps are used in store and what kind of websites visited
• Understanding other phone based activities conducted in store, e.g. texts, phone calls, emails
• Showing how in-store usage (and none-usage) breaks out by demographics, trip mission and channel
Roddy Knowles, Research Manager and Mobile Subject Matter Expert, Research Now
The Dynamic Duo: Facial technologies and mobile research
• Hear how facial coding slices through the ambiguity and misdirection of traditional market research procedures to learn what’s emotionally salient to people
• Using facial coding to expose the say/feel gap and enhancing standard practices like verbatims and focus groups by adding emotional depth
• Illustrating how mobile technologies together with facial coding are changing research as we know it
Dr. Dan Hill, President, Sensory Logic
Networking Break
Panel Discussion
Gadgets, Geeks and Goddesses – Identifying the killer apps for future mobile research
Moderator: Imran Anwar, Director Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, Strategy Consulting, Microsoft
Dawn Cunningham, Global Chief Insights Officer, 3M
Robert Moran, Partner, Brunswick Group
Brian Cooper, Practice Area Lead, TNS
Strategy Session
Understanding and measuring consumer engagement in a multi channel environment
• Measuring engagement across different channels, in and out of home
• Defining “success” on a number of different platforms and channels
• Marrying site analytics with consumer research to fully understand user needs and behaviors
Sharon Knitter, Former Senior Director Mobile,
Mobile + Location: The challenges and opportunities in measurement’s next era
• More than Latitude and Longitude – find out why accuracy plagues location measurement and the inference modeling methods that improve this
• Recruitment, Incentives and Surveys – learn about the importance of behavioural and survey data in building consumer profiles
• Consumer Privacy – best practices in collecting highly-sensitive location information from mobile panellists while keeping consumer privacy centric
• Actionable Insights – from consumer insights to competitive intelligence, what are the takeaways of a mobile + location approach for marketers and brands.
David Shim, CEO and Founder, Placed
Closing Remarks & End of day 1
Evening Networking Event – Pub Quiz hosted by Lumi Mobile - at Kip's Pub & Restaurant
July 18th - MRMW Conference Day 2
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Conference Opening by Chairperson
Guy Rolfe, Global Mobile Practice Leader, Kantar Mobile
Keynote 1
The Future of Information and Knowledge – Connecting people, spaces and technologies 
• Rethinking and designing interactive media to foster connections between people, information and physical places using cutting-edge information technology.
• Exploring how mobile technologies and pervasive computing can support connected communities and rich social environments.
Catherine Winfield, Creative Director Mobile Experience Lab, MIT
Keynote 2
Using mobile to understand consumer brand experience and how this relates to brand equity
• Using mobile as data collection device to capture the ways consumers come into contact with brands
• Understanding what role consumer brand experience plays in shaping brand equity
• Evaluating which touch points customers are most engaged with, which provide the best experience and which are most influential to future consideration of the brand.
Marie Ng, VP Client Solutions Digital, Millward Brown Mobile
Keynote 3
Mobile research in emerging markets - Heineken goes mobile in Afrika & in the Middle East  
• Using mobile to answer your key business questions in hard to reach locations.
• Sharing findings and best practices on mobile implementation as part of a multi-channel strategy
• Utilizing GPS, photo, video to increase the depth of data in a meaningful and measurable way.
• Overcoming the challenges of managing mountains of unstructured data through an innovative framework
Sean Conry, Vice President Busines Development Mobile Solutions, Confirmit
Mixed, Mobile, Big,… data integration and analysis
• Understanding the future dynamics of market research.
• Why mobile will be key to the integration of traditional and new data sources
• Applying logic and self-learning technology to filter complex social data
• The end of models - outlining the new requirements for data savvy researchers
Om Marwah, Cognitive Scientist Walmart Labs, Walmart
Networking Break
Panel Discussion
The Quirk’s Question: Is there still room for the human researcher or has technology taken over? 
For this panel, we will choose one of the most popular questions discussed on Quirk’s Linkedin forum and invite respondents to continue their conversation live on stage.
Moderator: Joe Rydholm, Editor, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review
Om Marwah, Cognitive Scientist Walmart Labs, Walmart
Rich Timpone, Senior Vice President, Ipsos Science Centre, Ipsos
Dana  Stanley, Vice President of Research, Fashion Playtes
Will Leach, Sr. Director Insights & Strategy, uSamp
Strategy Session
Running a qualitative mobile study in 96 countries – almost anywhere globally 
• Obtaining deep insight from consumers in almost any country – ahead of the competition
• Getting to the ”WHY” behind consumer feelings and thoughts at the point of sale or product usage experience
• Hearing respondent moments of truth from America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East
• Turning insights into business opportunities – priceless
Rebecca West, VP Marketing Research Service, Civicom
Research on Research… how do mobile and online qualitative responses compare? 
• Evaluating what types of studies and population segments are better suited for mobile methodologies
• Qualitative mobile technology trends
• Research best practices that embrace a mobile world
• Recommendations on improving user engagement and research insights
Giles Gauthier, VP Product Development, itracks
Pelo = Hair: Using mobile to understand Latinas and hair care
• Successfully recruiting and engaging with the increasingly important Latino population
• Using mobile qualitative communities to enable companies to dig deeper into traditionally hard to reach target markets
• Discovering key moments of product usage and purchase decision to generate actionable insights
Steve August, CEO, Revelation
Jaimie Korody, Founder & CEO, SusOpiniones
Jill Bos, Senior Scientist, Procter & Gamble
Laura Bryant, Senior Lab Assistant, Procter & Gamble
Understanding the impact of mobile on emotion and decision making
Advances in Neuroscience now make it possible to measure subconscious preferences and emotional responses. This session will provide an overview of new technologies for neural measurement, along with case studies for their applications within mobile.
• How do people truly feel about mobile apps?
• How do you quantify their preferences, even when they are unable to identify them?
• Most importantly, how should you design a 'brain-proof' app?
Diana Lucaci, Founder & CEO, True Impact Marketing, & Canadian Chair, Neuromarketing Science and Business Association
Salome Sallehy, Director of Marketing, Plastic Mobile
  01:10    Lunch Break
Real, not Recalled; How General Mills uses mobile to better understand consumers
• In-the moment/at point of usage product ratings, the elimination of the need for recall, and the benefit of true contextualized research
• Shopper Store Missions – product Shopability and Findability, understanding how easy/difficult it is to shop categories, find specific products, and then understand in-the-moment purchase drivers
• Internal Team Immersion – using mobile to get our team engaged in real world shopping experiences
• 5 Minutes to think differently: Understand the business questions that our traditional methods answer, and design mobile methods to answer them.
Andy Dybvig, Global Manager Mobile Research, General Mills
Global mobile research – challenges and opportunities
Nowhere in the modal world of research does such diversity exist as with mobile surveying. Depending on a region’s phone and internet footprint, various techniques are required to field multi-country mobile surveys. In North America and parts of Europe, smartphone mobile usage is almost geometrically growing – and the user-base is captive. Recent study suggests that smartphone owners look at their mobile device about 150 times a day. Research on the mobile device will move market researchers closer to the critical moments of truth – when a product is evaluated over its competitive set, and the first time the product is used.
Carol Haney, VP Group Product Marketing, Toluna
Panel Discussion
Discussing the barriers and opportunities of mobile research for clients
Moderated by: Mark Michelson, Executive Director, Mobile Marketing Research Association
Mark Pitts, Senior Vice President Analytics, SourceHOV
Sharon Knitter, (former) Director Mobile,
Michael Mace, Mobile Strategist,
Paul Kultgen, Vice President, Mobile, Nielsen
Sudha Bala, Global Customer Success Lead, SAP
Networking Break
Strategy Session
Integrating social media feedback with mobile research strategies
• Optimizing insights by converging structured and unstructured customer feedback data
• Social media monitoring and listening best practices and integration of transactional databases are critical to the success of this convergence strategy
• Acting on social media feedback through mobile surveys is a necessary component to reduce churn and grow loyalty
Darren Bosik, Senior Methodologist, QuestBack
Little data that is pretty big: storytelling through mobile technologies
Everything we hear today is “big data” but when you think about it, some of our biggest insights and innovations come from “little” data – when a few people are asked to tell stories about their lives
• Using mobile technologies as qualitative insights storytelling tool
• Creating the “narrative mindset” – diaries, tasking, journey reporting
• Turning “little” data into big insights and innovations
Jim Chastain, Founder and Managing Partner, RealityCheck
Closing Keynote
Vision 2030: how mobile research will fit in for stakeholders across the insights value-chain
• Presenting a comprehensive study that investigates how mobile research will evolve in the coming years
• Mobile calls for a new business model that will threaten existing set-ups. Are we ready for the change?
• What kind of studies will be demanded and possible in tomorrow’s world – and what are we really on track to get there?
Dan Foreman, Director, Lumi Mobile
Juliana Smith Holterhaus, VP Business Operations, Lumi Mobile
Closing Remarks & End of Conference

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